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    Bright Goods LED Filament Lamps
    Rule The Roost At Nando's

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    Bright Goods LED Filament Lamps Rule The Roost At Nando's

    As part of a major upgrade of lighting within the acclaimed chain of Nando’s restaurants, The Light Corporation specified Bright Goods LED filament lamps to replace the existing mix of halogen and tungsten filament lighting. 
    Bright Goods has supplied a selection of LED filament lamps from its wide range of popular shapes that includes globes, squirrel cages, candles, long tubes and traditional GLS bulbs.
    “As the sole lighting designer for Nando’s, and after having previously tried and tested a number of LED filament lamps, we made the decision to recommend Bright Goods products. The main reason for this is that the quality of the product is far greater than that of other manufacturers both in terms of light output, colour rendition and build quality.”   - Darren Parnaby, of The Light Corporation.
    Bright Goods LED filament lamps have been used by Nando’s since July 2015 when the first installation was completed in the company’s restaurant in Hove. Since then, numerous other locations in the Nando’s chain have benefited from these innovative lamps including restaurants in Rotherham, Newcastle, Southampton, Huntingdon, Canary Wharf, Birmingham, and Bristol. 
    In fact, this Bright Goods success story is not restricted to the UK but also embraces other prestigious overseas installations including an impressive Nando’s project in Deira City, Dubai, and others as far afield as South Africa.
    Every Nando’s restaurant is designed to have its own distinctive ambience. This is achieved by bringing together a variety of balanced and complementary features including contemporary furnishings, durable floor surfaces, stylish wall coverings and, crucially, warm and welcoming lighting. This attention to detail often extends to embrace handmade light fixtures and fittings including Czech glass fluid pendants, metal cages, wooden shades and wicker baskets.
    Nando’s are always keen to support small, local artisans who frequently use materials when manufacturing light fittings which can be unsuitable for traditional hot lamps. The nature of cool running LED allows almost anything to become a light fitting, broadening the possibilities for Nando’s lighting. Consequently, the versatility of the Bright Goods range means that the individual restaurant designs can be uncompromising and as spectacular as originally conceived.
    This aspect of Nando’s design philosophy is recognised and welcomed by Darren.  He says, “We are fortunate that Nando’s embrace design variety and diversity within their restaurants and allow us designers the autonomy and freedom to come up with new and exciting lighting to enhance and add to the interiors.” 
    “We’re delighted that our LED filament lamps are proving to be such a hit with Nando’s restaurants and their customers. We’re constantly being told that not only do they look stylish but that they have captured the warm, cosy glow usually only found from energy-hungry incandescent. They are also recognised as being much more robust and reliable than tungsten and halogen lamps. Add to that their fantastic energy saving properties and it’s easy to see why more and more bar, restaurant and hospitality chains are relying on Bright Goods as their first choice.”Saima Shafi, Marketing Director at Bright Goods.
    Thanks to The Light Corporation and William Pearce for the photos.