10 Quirky Lamps You Need To See! Posted on 31 May 10:41

As part of our '10' theme for the year (we're celebrating our company, LED Eco Lights', 10 Year Anniversary), we will be reporting on the 10 Quirkiest Table Lamps available on the market. We love reporting on the latest trends in lighting and love objects that our out of the ordinary. Why have something mainstream, when you can style your home completely unique?

1. Log Lamp Bases  

This intriguing lamp base is made from real sycamore - making each piece unique with its own markings and truly special. If you are a fan of recycling and love environmentally-friendly products, then this is a great addition to your home. Available from Not On The High Street in different sizes. Team this lamp base with our LED filament GLS Catherine for that warm, authentic glow. Get your Catherine here.

In Aida's blog post in March, she also mentioned that natural materials were a luxury interior design trend for the hospitality sector. Read more here

2. Piper Shell Lamp


Pretty in form, this elegant table lamp from Houzz is in the shape of an oyster and is cast from resin with a pewter finish. The three dimensional shape of the oyster allows it to be positioned however you desire. The oyster shells gently mask the bulb so that soft, warm lighting glows from the core. Pop our Charlotte LED Filament light bulb inside the shell lamp - which features a pearlised finish, for an ultimate pearl finish. Get your Charlotte GLS bulb here.

3. Copenhagen Glow in a Dome 

This table lamp from The Lighting Company's Copenhagen Glass Collection is a real curiosity piece and one that will get everyone talking about! The vintage style bulb is housed in an olive coloured mouth blown glass with a metal lamp base. Each table lamp is unique as they are made using mouth blown glass and not mass produced either. Our Edward LED filament globe, the medium sized bulb from our Bright Goods range, would complement the space of the dome perfectly and what's more, it provides energy-saving benefits including a 30,000 hour lifespan - as compared to traditional filament light bulbs.  Get your Edward Midi Globe here.
 4. Melt Table Light
Tom Dixon's sophisticated table lamp is crafted from a distorted globe which mimics  hot blown glass. When the light is switched on, the globe is translucent, but as soon as you switch the light off, the globe transforms into a mirror finish - the same finish as the base. Smart and super stylish in its  appearance, it emits an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light. Our Joseph GLS LED filament light bulb will complement this stunning light. Get your Joseph GLS here.
5. Half Table Lamp
This quirky, half table lamp has been designed by award-winning product designer, Billy May of Thorn Lighting. Taking inspiration from the film, Titanic, this beautiful table lamp offers a unique appeal to a traditional table lamp. Bound to lift any side table and complement any room colour scheme, the half table lamp would look even more warmer with our sepia tinted GLS LED filament light bulb Catherine - who will really bring this lamp to life! Get your Catherine here.
6. Ice Cub Touch Table Lamp


This beautiful touch table lamp is crafted to look like an ice cube. Featuring an in-built, touch dimmer, the table lamp adds a touch of class of its own. Keep this ice cube ultra-cool by putting an LED bulb inside. This lamp takes a G9 bulb - call us today (01276 691 230) and ask about our Roy LED filament G9 light bulb. 

 7. Shiny Copper Metal Wire Table Lamp

This beautifully formed, skeleton frame table lamp is finished in a shiny, copper coating. This table lamp takes on a different side of cool by challenging the traditional shape, form and texture of a traditional table lamp. The bareness of the table lamp is visually striking - with its elongated and diamond shaped wire notches, it really is a work of art. Make this lamp even more attractive by teaming it up with our criss cross LED filament 'pear shaped' light bulb, Victoria. When switched off, the criss cross LED filament will beautifully compliment the bare frame table lamp. And when switched on, the warm, aesthetically pleasing glow. Get your Victoria here.

8. Abigail Ahern's Blue Velvet Baboon Table Lamp

Interior designer, Abigail Ahern, is really making a bold statement with this baboon lamp from her 'Edition' range. The lamp is crafted from royal blue velvet - giving the lamp form, texture and a distinctive look. The vivid blue really adds a pop of colour to any room. Make this lamp softly glow by adding Elizabeth LED filament candle bulb inside.

9. Eclisse Table Lamp

Leading down the scientific route is this eclipse table lamp made by Artemide - available from Made in Design. The table lamp offers direct and diffused light emission as the globe swivels round to reveal the light. Available in a range of metal painted colours, these table lamps will sit sweetly on your desk. For a much warmer look, team up the Eclipse table lamp with our LED filament candle, Elizabeth. Get your Elizabeth here

10. Cactus Table Lamp

Bring the exotic inside with this Cactus Table Lamp from Hurn and Hurn. Featuring orange flowers at the top and made from a heat resistant plastic, this table lamp is super quirky. Turned off, the table lamp looks great as a sculptural piece, and when turned on, the cactus glows beautifully. This statement and eye-catching piece would look great in a restaurant or bar, too. Bring the cactus to life by introducing our Joseph LED filament GLS light bulb. Get your Joseph here.

Seen any quirky lamps recently? Like any of the above quirky lamps that we have found? Tweet them to us @ by using hashtag #lightmytuesday. Look out for next week's blog post with Aida.