Jeff Salmon Loves our Light Bulbs Posted on 4 Jun 00:00

We caught up with businessman and dealer, Jeff Salmon, from Channel 4s 'Four Rooms' last month in his London home. Known for his appearance on Four Rooms since 2011, Jeff has been a favourite amongst the other dealers (Celia Sawyer, Gordon Watson, Raj Bisram, Andrew Lamberty) showing his expertise in the arts and the extraordinary.

Since the age of 18, Jeff has had an eye for antiques, leading on to his first job at Sotheby's and then setting up his own art-deco business, aged 24. Jeff's specialises in mid-20th Century design and owns two of the largest 20th Century furniture and design galleries in London.

We took our filament LED light bulbs to show Jeff, complete with steam punk holders, and he was so impressed with them that he told us that he will have them for his galleries and his lovely new home! We are thrilled that Jeff loved our lamps and we are really looking forward to working with him.

Watch our video with Jeff Salmon here. He loves our light bulb, George!