2018 - The Year the Halogen Light Bulb will be banned Posted on 21 Apr 00:00

It follows the UAE's initiative of banning inefficient light bulbs last year. The European Commission have delayed the ban of the halogen for two years as they mention that "LED technology would not be ready to replace halogen lamps by 2016". Contrary to what the EU Commission has said, there are many LED lamps on the European market, all of which offering substantial benefits to businesses, homes and of course, the world. Realistically, may be the ban has been delayed because the EU Commission needs to get Europe ready for the ban, rather than quickly phasing out these inefficient light bulbs by 2016.


Impressively, the EU Commission have stated that by switching the EU to LED lighting, Portugal's annual electricity consumption will be saved by 2018 - and not forgetting a whopping 15.2m tonnes in carbon savings by 2025!

So why switch to LED Filament technology? Here are Bright Goods' TOP 5 reasons:

  • Simply and easily retrofit into existing fittings (we have Edison Screw and Bayonet fittings available on all lamps)
  • Last 10 times longer than traditional filament lamps
  • Uses 10 times less energy
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Fully dimmable

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