21 Covent Garden Bar & Restaurant Lighting Posted on 24 Nov 00:00

Restaurants are the best place to visit and unwind after a busy day of Christmas Shopping. There is nothing better than going into a cosy, beautifully lit restaurant/bar and having a cocktail or two whilst enjoying the company of good friends or loved ones.

A place I have visited recently that not only had amazing food, but also offered a lovely atmosphere where you could relax and dine all night long is, 21 Covent Garden Bar and Restaurant. Situated in the glorious Georgian heritage site on the corner of Covent Garden Piazza, is a dynamic, three story venue – offering authentic Italian food, delicious cocktails and weekly DJS.

When you walk through the door, you’re greeted by friendly staff and the decor just catches your eye immediately. It has all the elements you would expect when choosing a restaurant to visit. The seats are comfortable and offer a variety of large sofas situated around different areas of the room, so you don’t feel cramped into one area. Offering warm tones, with a deep red throughout the dining area and old vintage style brick walls captures that rustic feel. Each section is referred to as ‘vaults’ that accompany both large and small parties and allow for that private dining experience.

However, unlike many places, 21 has definitely used lighting as a big part of the decor and not just for the purpose of lighting a room. Restaurant lighting should enhance the mood, it should accentuate the room and work with the theme and colours chosen and 21 has perfected this nicely. Depending on which vault or floor you are visiting, the lighting reflects that particular space. In certain parts of each vault, it has been fitted with spotlights and is lit much more than other areas. A blend of smaller and larger ceiling lights help accommodate the dark red walls and small decorative candles placed on each table.

Highlighting focal points is very important, 21 has areas that have beautiful photographs, paintings and writing on the walls that are highlighted by track lighting which is angled to shine on specific parts of the wall. Positioning it at the right angle and level can do wonders for any corner wall or decorative statement.

Apart from your general illumination lights, every great restaurant has the ultimate statement light. What I love most about this is, 21 uses large rustic style light fixtures and cage lights which work exceptionally well with their warm tones and brick walls. This is a great example of lighting that becomes a strong presence as opposed to just being there. With the use of these light fixtures and the brick walls, you really do get the feel of a historic cellar like experience.

The use of dimmable lighting is great in the evenings, it works with any decor or any lights (preferably LED filament lighting from our Bright Goods range) and allows for a different tone depending on how warm or light the restaurant requires. Sometimes spotlights can be overpowering, this is where dimmable lights can soften the glow.

As 21 has proved, a variety of beautiful light fixtures and having the right lighting can go a long way. It can enhance, brighten and create the whole mood for your restaurant. So, if you are looking for a great place to visit, or just simply want some lighting inspiration then I definitely recommend going there. You won’t be disappointed.

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