5 Must - haves to recreate a Bygone Era Posted on 19 May 00:00

Ever wanted to restyle your home by taking it back in time? With more and more people opting for timeless designs, antique and vintage pieces have soared - both in price and popularity. Whether it’s a local restaurant or cosy cottage, you are bound to find a vintage item setting the scene. Relive the past with these 5 must-haves to recreate a bygone era in your home:

1. Chaise Lounge – also known as ‘the long chair’, it is most associated in the 18th and 19th Centuries. These beautiful loungers were, and still are, upholstered in the most delicate and finest fabrics. The chaise lounge supports your entire body, especially your back, making it ideal for ‘me time’.

Comfortable and stylish, the chaise lounge is the perfect recliner and a beautiful piece to complement any room, whether a living room, study or bedroom. Add a vibrant coloured cushion, sit back and relax with your favourite book, or my personal favourite, a cup of tea in a fine china mug.


2. Rotary Telephone - no room is complete without a telephone and why not go back to basics – forget the hands-free, caller ID and the choice of ringtones, this classic piece is timeless. Works just like a normal telephone, except you have to ‘dial in’ the telephone numbers.

These telephones have made a reappearance by coming back into fashion and can be found in many online stores in a variety of colours and finishes. Place it proudly on your side table and answer your calls in style!


3. Striking Rug – vibrant coloured rugs from the East were widely used in Victorian houses. Owning something from the East was highly desirable during the nineteenth century and was associated with wealth and status.

Choose a rug rich in colour and heavy in design and place in the centre of your room against the contrasting dark wood floor for that perfect period essence. Guaranteed to lift and enhance your room.


4.  Statement Mirror - in the Victorian period, gilded, ornate mirrors were all the fashion. Featuring craftsmanship twists, fine filigree detail and styled edges, create a bold impact in your room with a statement mirror.

Do you have a small room? By placing a large, statement mirror in your room, not only will it give the illusion of space and depth in your room and reflect your beautiful room’s surroundings, it also lifts dull painted walls.


 5. Crystallised Chandelier – no antique-style room is complete without a grand chandelier. Of course, most modern houses do not feature high ceilings so improvisation is needed. Chandeliers which feature crystal pendants reflect the light more than simple glass pendants.

Instead of a magnificent, three tier chandelier, choose a single tier chandelier which has the same amount of impact. For that ‘wow factor’, hang it in the centre of your room and make sure the sunlight catches the crystal pendants.

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The beautiful vintage sofa next to the wall (retro-style illustration)