Aida's Top 5 Interior Design Trends Posted on 26 May 00:00

In this modern age of technology, gadgets and weirdly shaped furniture you would think more people would be opting to have this style reflect in their homes too? However, on my search to find the top 5 interior design trends - I discovered there is still a need for comfort, reflection and visual delight which offers more of classic warmth to any modern home.  So, here are the 5 must-have designs that will never go out of style.

1. Natural Minerals – this is a trend which has taken interior design to a whole new creative level. Styles such as; stone, wood, metal and glass is becoming the new ‘big thing’ for design in 2015. Having the feel of organic shapes and textures that represent an eco friendly style enables the fusion of modern and vintage designs for any room in your home.


2. Picture Frames and Writing - this is a trend that will never go out of style. Having a wall full of photographs on a plain background can bring any room to life. However, it doesn’t stop there – a new trend which has become popular over the last year or so is ‘writing on the wall’. Having a quote (or a few) on a nice white wall either in your living room or bedroom can enhance the ambiance of any dull area.


3. Big Comfy Sectionals - a living room is a place to put your feet up and relax, so why would you settle for a formal sofa that doesn't offer much room to lay down? The sectional has been a favourite in homes for many years and has become an even bigger trend in the last few years – as families get bigger, so do our sofas! Add a few large cushions with a plush throw and you've got the complete look.


4. Vintage Tubs - there is nothing more relaxing than having a nice long bubble bath after a hard day and there is something rather luxurious about these large stand-alone tubs that just sit in the middle of the bathroom. Although we are part of this high-tech, fast-paced generation, sometimes a little escape into a vintage style bathroom can set the mood for a relaxing soak with a nice glass of wine.


5. The Statement Light - there is nothing that stands out more when you walk into a room then a funky, unique looking light shade. This works well for a room that has less going on as it can enhance the whole look with just one statement. A resemblance to modern sculptures that can also create beautiful shadows that reflect of the walls and ceiling when turned on.


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