All Eyes on Bright Goods Posted on 6 Mar 00:00

  1. When did the Bright Goods story begin?

 Bright Goods was founded two years ago in 2015, following on from the success of our sister brand, Goodlight (which specialises in commercial and retail LED lamps and luminaires). At a time, when the industrial interiors trend was creating a wave, we pioneered a new style decorative, vintage-style, dimmable LED filament lamps in an array of different shapes.

Bright Goods provides that same familiar, warm glow as traditional filament lamps but with the added efficiency of LED. They are ideal for use in retail, restaurants, pubs, bars, coffee shops, hotels and homes.

Our range was welcomed by interior and lighting designers, architects, retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and other hospitality specifiers – all of whom, it appears, have been waiting for an energy-efficient, long-lasting solution to their current incandescent and filament lighting.

Within one year, our LED filament lamps were being specified and installed into well-known high-street chains such as Nando’s, Next, Jamie’s Italian, Oakman Inn & Restaurants, The Barbican, Pizza Express, Dishoom, Selfridges, Fresh Cosmetics, DF Mexico, Burger and Lobster, Handmade Burger Company and Michelin-star Kitchen Table.


  1. Where did the inspiration for Bright Goods and the lamps come from?

We were totally inspired by the story of Joseph Swann, the Englishman who invented the first electric light bulb in the 19th Century.  Joseph was overshadowed by the American Thomas Edison, who also discovered electric light around the same time, but is widely accredited with the find at first look.  Paying homage to Joseph’s discovery and proud of its English heritage, each of our lamps in the Bright Goods range are named after popular Royal English names from the 19th Century, and so Albert, Anne, Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, William et al. were created.   This has proved to be very popular with the design fraternity, everyone loves the names, they are searched for online and have overtaken requests for the actual technical lamp names in place of our lovely ‘Royals!’


  1. How has Bright Goods established such a ‘cult’ design following?

We launched the range with sixteen LED filament lamps, now we have twenty popular shapes consisting of traditional GLS, globes, pear shapes, tubes, candles and specials, all of which are available in Edison and Bayonet screw caps and in 2.2K and 2.7K colour temperatures. For specialist projects we can increase the warmth further using even warmer LEDs.  The range is dimmable, which suits the types of ambient environments it is used in, and we can mimic the ultra-warmth of the incandescent in LED.  Our clients regularly comment that our range is the warmest they have found in LED, and being able to provide bespoke designs is another USP.

Two years on, Bright Goods has become the designers’ choice – our LED filament lamps can be seen nationwide in Fullers Pubs, Nando’s Restaurants, GBK, Pizza Express, The Handmade Burger Company, Burger & Lobster, Wahaca and Le Petite Bistrot, as well the hottest bars and fine dining openings including The Alchemist, Albert Schloss, Dishoom, The Ivy Clifton Brasserie, Orma @ Flemings Hotel and Michelin-star The Kitchen Table.  We now have a wave of installs in hotels, retail stores and venues including Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Premier Inn ‘The Hub,’ Kate Spade, Victoria Secrets, The Vida Downtown, Dubai, Bounce Ping Pong and Blenheim Palace.


  1. What separates you from your competitors?

 Bright Goods stands out from the crowd due to the form, fit and function of our LED lamps.

Designers and specifiers love the brand, and have tried and tested a number of LED filament lamps and they constantly tell us that Bright Goods lamps outperform others in their class in terms of light, output, colour rendition and build quality. All our LED lamps last ten times longer than traditional filament lighting and use ten times less energy, too. Many of our competitors’ LED filament lamps are rated for 15,000 hours, whereas our lamps have double the lifespan at 30,000 hours.


  1. How do Bright Goods products enhance the ambient environment?

Bright Goods LED lamps are perfect for decorative lighting, and making the most of architecturally beautiful fixtures and light fittings.  The warm glow of the lamps, accentuated by carbonised glass covers highlights colour contrasts, brings attention to brass and copper finishes, and shows off stunning reflections in glass fixtures.  The beauty of the bulbs themselves with the  intricate LED filament patterns makes them look great naked! As a result, many of our projects include bare bulbs hanging in eye-catching symmetrical arrangements, or used as the centrepieces of reclaimed, and upcycled bespoke fittings.  The Next 2015 Christmas window nationwide campaign featured our sepia tinted, pear-shaped Jane LED lamp housed inside a clear glass globe which complemented the fashion retailer’s men and women’s winter collection.

Our LED filament lamps are not only stylish in appearance, but they also provide a welcoming, warm, cosy light to retail customers, drawing them into the store.


  1. What is upcoming for 2017?


2017 is already looking to be very exciting for Bright Goods. We are working with some incredible lighting designers and architects who are specifying Bright Goods into luxury world class hotels, boutique retail stores, fine dining restaurants and bars.

We will also be exhibiting the range at retail and hospitality shows, so keep a look out for the latest news on our website.