Bight Goods in the Top 5 Trends for Spring 2016 Posted on 23 Mar 00:00

Our vintage style filament LED light bulbs have made it onto Create Display's blog post in the Top 5 Trends for Spring 2016. Create Display are based in Chichester and provide display and visual merchandising services and assistance with promotions, ideas, themes and trends.

In Create Display's recent blog post, they discuss the Top 5 Trends For Spring 2016 from their visit to The Retail Design Expo 2016 earlier this month. The top 5 trends include:

  1. Sharing the Omni-channel Journey
  2. Technological and Customised
  3. Geometric and Metallic
  4. Rainbow Brights
  5. Upcycled, industrial and retro designed

We have been mentioned in the 'Upcycled, Industrial and Retro Designed' category - a hot trend right now - popular amongst television presenter and 'upcyclying' bargain enthusiast, Kirsty Allsopp. For the past year or so, the upcycled, industrial look has been trending - not only in restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, but in homes, too. And as soon as you spot this trend - you see it everywhere! With each design space opting for a different look - bare bulbs, bulbs with braided flex, industrial cages, retro furnishings - they are all utilising this theme.

Create Display - "Splendid vintage industrial style lights are made using LED bulbs at the Bright Goods stand that would be suitable for many commercial and residential interiors". 

To read the full article by Create Display, click here