Brighten up your January Blues with Lighting Posted on 19 Jan 00:00

Winter can be gloomy and cold, especially the first couple of weeks after Christmas. The rainy weather, the long commutes to work in the dark and the ‘I can’t be bothered to get out of bed’ attitude. January is definitely the month of the blues. However, what better way to brighten up those blues then with lighting. It can be a definite mood changer.

So, if you are looking for a little pick me up then maybe visit a restaurant and get inspired by their lighting designs. Every place you go into has their own style of lighting; restaurants tend to use dimmable lighting which creates a beautiful warm ambience. This is perfect especially in those winter evenings as it gives off a cosy vibe as soon as you walk in the door.

The Drift, in London has amazing lighting. The lighting has a warm glow that bounces of the walls and is fitted with unique light fixtures that bring a bold statement to the room. When you walk into the bar area from the cold rainy streets of London, your mood is automatically lifted and you feel as if you’re blues have been left at the door. It’s a classy place; everything down to the lighting is great. The first thing I noticed when sitting in the private little area on the second floor was a big light fixture handing from the ceiling above the table. As you’re sitting on a sofa you can’t help but sit back and relax as your eyes are drawn to that dimmed light just above you.

Two of our light bulbs which fit perfectly with this tone is; The Jane and The Anne. Both have a classic pear shape and give off a very warm light that can be adjusted. The glass is sepia tinted and when turned on offers that romantic elegance you tend to get at swanky restaurants. Both The Jane and The Anne are named after two royal ladies and are very unique in their qualities. This type of bulb is very popular in both hospitality and home décor as it works with any light fixture and brightens up any room eloquently.  

To brighten up your home with any of our beautiful LED Light bulbs – use a funky style light fixture that will enhance the look of your room and create a lovely reflection from the light. A little home decor can go a long way. However, exposed light bulbs are no longer just for use in commercial premises; they have made an appearance in home decor too. Keeping a light bulb bare or using transparent shades can be just as decorative on its own.

No need to hide from your January blues, brighten them up with lighting! You can join in with our conversation on Twitter at #lightmytuesday.