How to Brighten up your Shop Window Displays Posted on 29 Sep 00:00

Window displays are like billboards for your store. Having the right style and look gives your shop and brand its identity. It’s important to have the latest products on display as it’s the make- or- break factor in whether a customer decides to go in. However, what’s the point in paying so much attention to the design and products if you don’t have the right lighting to give it that spotlight. Many small retailers don’t pay attention to the little details; the displays are often too cluttered or poorly lit. But, I have the solution! Here are my top decorative lighting ideas to enhance the look of any window display.

Spotlights– having the right lighting for your window display can not only make the products stand out but it can also attract the customer’s attention. Spotlights are a great way to shine the light on a particular product you want to promote. It’s also an easier way to light up an area, as you don’t need as many lights but it still works just as well. This is perfect for a shop with limited space, as the lights are usually fitted on the ceiling or on each side of the wall.

Seasonal lighting and statement lighting – this is a great way to keep with the trends of each season by changing your lights along with your products. If you have large hanging lights, decorate them with different light fixtures that match the current season and give your store a theme to work with, even when you don’t have any new products to showcase. For autumn the perfect decorative designs are rustic light fixtures and natural materials (wood, stone, metal) with warmer tones that enhance the feel for this season. The lighting will work well if you have a larger display window as these lights can be quite big.


Standing lamps/ table lamps – if you want your window display to have a more welcoming feel, using decorative lamps is a great way to give it that home away from home feel. Depending on your products and the theme of your store, these lights won’t give you that spotlight effect but can create a nice warm atmosphere that would definitely have people stop and take a look. Decorate the lamps with beautiful light fixtures that could even match the store colours or the products and even using fabrics to drape over or around them.

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