How to Spritz up a Bathroom Posted on 1 Sep 00:00

The bathroom is the only room in the house where we’re expected to lock ourselves inside and escape the outside world. It should be a luxurious sanctuary where we go to find a bit of calm – the best way you can transform your bathroom into a relaxing, functional refuge is with my top 5 décor ideas.

BROWN/ WARM TONES – Darker colours are the best way to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can go to unwind and relax in a nice bath. Brown tones for either wallpaper or tiles are a greatway to create this style. Dark colours work well with a wooden floor, wooden cabinets and even a rustic style bathtub to add to a vintage feel. Give your bathroom a cabin look and bring warmth to any modern home.

UNIQUE SINKS – A sink is not usually something that makes a bathroom stand out, in fact most bathrooms have your usual white simple looking sink that has probably been there since the house was built. However, more people are investing in their bathrooms and replacing their old sink with more of a unique looking one. Depending on the style of your bathroom, beautiful marble or natural materials work exceptionally well to create a warm, country feel that is great when you need a little time to just relax.

CEILING LIGHTS –For ambient lighting, ceiling lights are the perfect way to light up your whole bathroom and create a relaxing mood by adjusting the brightness of the light. These lights can be used as a decorative statement by having unique light fixtures to create either a vintage or a modern look. If you have a large bathroom or a high ceiling then this is the ideal style as you can use big, bold chandelier type lighting fixtures paired with one of our vintage style LED light bulbs.

WALL LIGHTS – This style is perfect for layering light, having 2-4 wall lights placed around the bathroom is a really modern style that will illuminate the shower, bathtub and sink areas evenly. These lights work well when using dimmers, especially next to the bath as they can set the mood for a romantic and relaxing evening soak.

 VINTAGE STYLE MIRRORS –Large mirrors are great in any bathroom, they come in many different styles depending on the look you’re going for. Vintage mirrors work well with any colour; if your bathroom is white go for a metallic or coloured framed mirror to add some brightness to a plain wall and for darker walls go for a more simple and elegant look with lighter colours.

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