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Her Royal Highness, The Queen, is celebrating her 90th Birthday today and celebrations are taking place in the United Kingdom and across the globe to mark the occasion. She is the UK's longest reigning monarch.

The Queen, whose first name is Elizabeth, was born on 21 April 1926 in Mayfair, London, to loving parents King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. The Queen is the eldest of two daughters - her younger sister is Princess Margaret who was born four years later in 1930. The Queen came to the throne in 1956 after her father passed away. The Queen was not a direct heir to the throne - her uncle abdicated the throne in 1936, and thus the throne was passed to his brother (the Queen's father), King George VI.

The Queen is Celebrating Her 90th Birthday in Style

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will walk from the Henry VIII Gate of Windsor Castle towards the Statue of Queen Victoria. The Statue of Queen Victoria is at the foot of Castle Hill, and it is at this point where Her Majesty The Queen will unveil a commemorative plaque marking The Queen's Walkway.

Later this evening, The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will be joined by The Prince Of Wales (Prince Charles) and The Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla). The Queen will light a beacon and view two further beacons being lit along Long Walk and at Copper Horse. The Queen will then light the principal beacon which will then set in motion the series one thousand beacons to be lit by local authorities throughout the UK, UK overseas territories and Commonwealth countries.

Also taking place across the UK today and tomorrow are 90th Birthday Celebrations for London borough residents who have been invited to a tea party at Westminster. Local authorities across London are encouraging residents to celebrate the Queen's 90th by hanging out bunting and hosting free street parties. Many celebratory parties are taking place throughout the summer and have already been booked up!

If you want to join in with the Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations, you can attend a beacon lighting in your local area.

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Her Majesty The Queen a very Happy 90th Birthday. We think she is an absolute delight and we couldn't ask for a better Queen. More birthday celebrations will be held for The Queen official birthday on 11 June.

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