I'm Bringing Vintage Back! Posted on 11 Aug 00:00

Vintage is not just a thing of the past! More and more people have started to embrace the retro style with their fashion, in their homes, in restaurants and now even in hotels. Some places offer just a taste of vintage with their decor and other places take it that one step further. You don’t have to own a nostalgic 1950’s style diner to bring vintage back. So, here are my top 5 vintage items that are perfect for hotels.

  1. VINTAGE CLOCKS – Depending on the decor of the hotel, having large or small retro clocks placed on the walls or dressing tables in different rooms of the hotel and in the main reception area can bring a sense of nostalgia to guests. My favourite has to be the colourful small table clocks as they can make any plain room stand out.

  1. OLD TELEPHONES – Bring back memories with an old dial telephone. This trend is very popular, whether it’s in a restaurant/ bar, home or even in a hotel. It goes well with any décor; it can make a modern hotel look classic and a vintage hotel feel as though you have gone back in time a couple decades. They can be placed in the hotel lobby by the bar, the reception area or even in the guest rooms. Having colourful telephones can bring a pop of colour to the room and can even match the vintage style clocks.

  1. VINTAGE LIGHTING – Vintage lighting looks great in any room, having a beautiful light fixture hanging from the ceiling can enhance the ambiance of the hotel lobby or bar. A great way to get that vintage look is by using natural looking materials, such as; wood, metal, glass bottles or stone. To get a lovely light shine through the light shades, use one of our vintage LED light bulbs to add to that classic style. 


  LARGE CANDLES – Having large candles placed around the hotel is a great way to set the tone for a warm vintage welcome. They are large enough to place on various corners by themselves but can also be used in the restaurant area on each dining table. They give a hotel a beautiful calming feel that takes you out of a cold open spaced modern building and back to the comfort of the retro days. There are many different styles, shapes, colours and candle holders you can get that really bring out the theme of each room.


VINTAGE OBJECTS – Even if the hotel is modern, having various vintage objects placed around the hotel or in the rooms can give it that vintage vibe. Having items such as old suitcases on display, black and white photographs, an old fashioned bell on the reception area and even old signs work well when going for a vintage look. These objects blend in well with darker tones - having red, black, brown and wooden colours on the walls or furniture add to the feel of a retro hotel.

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