Luxury Interior Design Trends for Hospitality Posted on 22 May 00:00

A mixture of classic designs with the comfort of contemporary materials is becoming a big trend in 2016 within the hospitality sector. Offering unique and tasteful furniture and decor with an emphasis on ensuring a relaxing and peaceful place has given the hospitality industry an even more luxurious feel.

  1. Furniture is a big part of any hotel decor, especially when you first walk through the front door. It’s not only just 5* hotels that offer luxury now, a trend that we have been seeing more is furniture that is not only designed to look comfortable and luxurious but also feels it too. The focus has shifted away from funky shapes and artistic furniture that looks good (but sadly doesn’t feel luxurious) to more natural materials and large seating areas.

  1. A trend that has not only taken over our homes, but has also had a major detox on the hospitality industry too, is warmer tones and colours. Whether it is furniture, decorations or even wallpaper, hotels have moved away from colourful and bright interiors to a more relaxing colour palette. Colours such as cream, white, beige and pastels are becoming commonplace within both hotel rooms and full hotel design. It sets a relaxing feel within the room, warm tones give off the impression of luxury and sophistication, whilst also working with your lighting idea.

  1. Customised interiors was a big trend in 2015 and is set to continue in 2016. This trend sees designers using a blend of different materials and styles to tailor specifically for different industries. Bars and restaurants have started using this with their lighting, a big focus is always on the varied lighting fixtures and light bulbs for the food and drink industry. No longer a small, barely visible light bulb but instead large, custom design bulbs or fixtures hanging from the ceilings that capture the eye as soon as you walk in. What is great about these is, little emphasis has to be put on any other interiors or decorative statements as the light bulbs are the decoration. With this trend is the use of LED lighting, as it not only looks stylish but saves companies a lot of money in energy bills too. Our LED filament light bulbs have been used in the top UK restaurants – Nandos, The Kitchen Table and Goat to name a few.

Bright Goods LED Filament Globe Light Bulbs in Nando's. Thank you to William for the photography.

  1. An emphasis on environment and nature within interior design is a trend that has been around for a long time. That warm, cabin feel within hotel design is set to continue in 2016. The natural materials and raw style compliment the warmer tones of the walls and the retro light fixtures in hotel lobbies. Materials such as wood, metal, copper and marble can bring a style of art to tables, chairs, light fixtures and lamps that are all used within hotels.

  1. Bathrooms in hotels have taken on a spa-like feel, no longer are they minimised in order to create larger rooms, now they have become just as luxurious and spacious as the room itself. Modern tourists expect more from hotels, they expect luxurious surprises and plenty of room. Showers are larger, bath tubs are wider and the lighting is a lot trendier. Some hotels still focus on just practicability, but in today’s world, luxury and comfort are the key trends.


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