Make the most out of your Christmas Shop Display Window Posted on 14 Sep 00:00

As soon as it hits September, retailers throughout the UK start to prepare for their Christmas Shop Display Windows. Admittedly, most of the planning is done much, much earlier in the year but the final prep is being undertaken now to build up the hype to Christmas. In today's blog post, we will be looking at the different ways you can make the most out of your Christmas display windows from lighting your front store to mannequin layout, Bright Goods has it all covered!

1. Lighting

Next plc's Christmas windows last year (2015) is a perfect example of a retail store incorporating LED lighting into the shop window display. Their windows were transformed in October to a Christmas wonderland adorned with a string of twinkly LED lights matched with our Jane LED filament pear lamps, housed inside beautiful, clear globes which resembled baubles.

Lighting plays an important part in any space, you want great lighting emphasising your products, so your customers can see them and then buy them. The most common lighting used for retail include downlights and spotlights. Also, if you are opting for a more warmer, vintage feel, check out our LED filament range.

See more photographs of our LED filament lamps in Next plc's Christmas windows here.

2. Mannequin Layout 

Obviously, you want to showcase your Autumn/Winter 2016-17 range in your display, but think about how you position your mannequins within the space. Remember this is a selling window that hundreds of customers will be passing each day, and your products and window display needs to stand out to them, enticing them into your store to make that purchase.

Have a look at these Autumn/Winter mannequins and how they have been interestingly positioned. Who wants to see shop-upon-shops of the same mannequins standing upright?

3. Text

Incorporating text to capture the gaze of customers is a must. Whether you choose vinyl, poster boards or LED light up signs neatly positioned within the display is entirely your choice. Make sure that your text is prominent, relevant and captivating. Large text in funky fonts work ever so well. Take a look at some of the inspirations I have sourced to really show off that Christmas window.

Also if you're thinking LED light up signs, why not take a look at our small, energy-efficient LED filament globe, The Rose, she is the ideal size for lighting signage.


 4. Christmas Themes

Of course, it is Christmas and why not include accents of the festive season within the shop window displays? There are plenty of props that you can jazz up your windows with including Christmas trees, holly, reindeer, presents, penguins, snow and snowflakes, tinsel, baubles - the list goes on.

Here are some retailers who are thinking outside of the box - either by using their merchandise as props or by opting for other props as opposed to the usual trees and baubles!

5. Glass Decor 

Going back to thinking outside of the box, why not decorate the actual glass window itself? This is a great head turner especially if your window display has the wrapping paper effect (see below), enticing customers to peer beyond the ripped wrapping to reveal the merchandise. Alternatively, why not apply the Jack Frost effect to the glass window, revealing a small reveal to your main centre piece.


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Images sourced by Pinterest.