Meet the Anne Posted on 12 Feb 00:00

Meet the Anne, one of the most popular decorative LED filament lamps from the Bright Goods range. This attractive pear-shaped lamp features linear LED filament housed inside a carbonised, sepia-tinted glass cover. Fully dimmable and backed with a 30,000 hour lifespan, this energy-efficient 6W lamp is the LED solution to a traditional 40-60W filament lamp, drawing 100 lumens per watt. Available in warm (2.7K) and very warm (2.2K) colour temperatures, the Anne is the stylish choice for retail, hospitality and domestic environments. Relied upon by designers and architects, you can see the Anne shining brightly in Burger and Lobster, Fuller’s pubs, Cargo, The Park Hotel in Scotland and Tron Theatre Bar & Kitchen.

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