Our Summer Lighting Inspiration that will Brighten up Your Day Posted on 24 Apr 10:19

As we will soon be making a transition from spring to summer, the weather may not always be consistent. However, something that has stayed consistent over the last couple of months is the trend in transparent, colourful and paper thin lighting and lighting fixtures. Summer is always about bright pastel shades and light materials no matter what the trend. And lighting has taken over these styles within restaurants and homes too.

LIGHTING WITH TRANSPARENCY – the clever new trend in transparent jar-like fixtures and fluid glass pendants that is tinted with a slight hue and comes in a variety of colours. Unlike many light fixtures and, they give off a subtle tint that is almost of a warm tone that is perfect in restaurants, bars and hotels. A similar concept can be seen with one of our installations for Nando’s, where our lovely LED filament light bulbs were paired with these beautifully styled fixtures a variety of restaurants nationwide.

LIGHTING WITH COLOUR – unlike the transparent light fixtures that are slightly tinted with various colours, another trend that has really come out on top in 2016 is colourful fixtures that are completely bright and give a feel of 1950s inspired pastel indulgence. From pink and yellow to green and blue, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be seen within the design of lamps as well as hanging light fixtures.

LIGHTING WITH PAPER THIN MATERIALS – this trend has been around from years, light fixtures made from really light materials that have a slight transparent look to them. They can be seen in many different shapes and have been used in homes to accentuate the natural materials used within furniture, walls and surfaces.

Whether you are decorating your home, a restaurant, store window or hotel, these 3 lighting trends will work with any decor and any type of room. Make sure to pair these amazing light fixtures with our exclusive range of LED filament light bulbs that can be found by visiting our website.

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