Restaurant Lighting Posted on 2 Jun 14:00

As we all know a restaurant is a place not to only to try out new food to eat, but also to socialise. With Bright Goods LED filament lights, we have helped to create a warm welcoming atmosphere to a few different restaurants around the UK. Here are some restaurants that have installed some of Bright Goods LED filament bulbs.


Nando’s restaurant located in Guildford have refurbished their lighting with Bright Goods LED filament bulbs, including The Edward and the Joseph light bulbs. The Edward globe bulbs can be seen fitted in front of the window of the restaurant, not only does it add warm light to the restaurant but also creates a lovely window feature.

Inside the restaurant, the Joseph GLS light bulbs are connected to dangling yellow and red entwined rope creating a spectacular lighting statement. The LED bulbs have a bright, warm glow to them and can also be dimmed to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere whilst you enjoy your meal.

Handmade Burger Co:

The interior of Handmade Burger Co in Glasgow is illuminated by Bright Goods LED filament bulbs, Florence, sepia maxi globes, and Joseph, clear GLS bulbs.

To emphasise their lighting, Handmade Burger co have made a nice feature out of their glass jars which hold the LED bulbs inside. The jars are dangling in a row from suspended wires attached to the high ceiling. This is shown in the photograph below.

The rest of the LED light bulbs have been placed around the restaurant on longer cords to create a retro theme. These light bulbs are suitable for restaurant interiors, as the light bulbs can  be dimmed, meaning that they are still bright enough for restaurant visitors. These LED light bulbs recreate the industrial theme found in the most restaurant today. The bulbs can also be dimmed down to create a more cosier atmosphere.

Pizza Express:

Pizza Express located in Resorts World, Birmingham is a new restaurant build who opted for warm interior lighting with the Joseph LED filament light bulbs from Bright Goods. The Joseph bulbs have been fitted to several dangling wires, which are encased with black metal caged lampshades to give an Art Deco vintage style look. This lighting feature looks striking against the cream wooden walls and brick walls which help to compliment the industrial theme.


Filled with a blue and brown coloured interior, GOAT in Chelsea wanted their lighting to be warm to compliment their theme. The Bright Goods LED filament bulbs, Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Charles, Jane and Rose were installed throughout the restaurant and bar areas.

A mixture of LED bulbs are placed on the different themed walls, including both the wallpaper and blue painted walls, which helps to compliment the re-styling of an old building with updated modern charm.

DF Mexico:

DF Mexico is a Mexican themed restaurant evoking their country’s themed interior. Bright Goods was recommended to DF Mexico and they decided to install the JosephLED Filament light bulbs, which has helped to add a bright, delicate warm glow to the restaurant. The new lighting has helped to compliment the bright Mexican colours throughout the restaurant to give you the imaginary feeling of being inside a traditional Mexican restaurant.