Royal of the Month: Joseph Posted on 2 Jun 00:00

By: Sophia

As you may have noticed, all of our Bright Goods bulbs are named after members of the Royal family - past and present. Each month, Aida and myself will choose one of our lamps for to be featured in a blog post for 'Royal of the Month'. We will discuss the idea behind our Bright Goods' lamps names.

Royal of the Month: Joseph

Lets go back in time to 1878 in Gateshead, a large town in Tyne and Wear. A time where there was no central heating, double-glazing nor any technological luxuries, like iPads, for example. Englishman Joseph Swan, a physicist and chemist, was busy at work in his home. He had been working for many, long hard years. At last - a breakthrough, Joseph had cracked it! He had just built and installed the first electric light bulb.


Joseph was so thrilled with his latest invention that he continued creating light bulbs until his whole house was beautifully lit. His house was the very first in the world to be lit by light bulbs! And so England waved farewell to candle light and welcomed the light bulb into their homes. For his great achievement, he was Knighted by King Edward VII in 1904.

Unfortunately for Joseph, another gentleman was working on the light bulb, at the same time in America. Inventor and businessman, Thomas Edison, and it is Edison who the light bulb is generally associated with. Edison had created his light bulb a whole year later in 1878 and managed to get the publicity that Joseph had deserved.

Our Bright Goods story pays homage to Sir Joseph Swan, the original inventor of the electric light bulb. And it only seemed fitting that when it came to naming our range of LED filament lamps that we would name our very first lamp afterJoseph. Our Joseph is a GLS shaped bulb - the same shape as Sir Joseph Swan's light bulbs. This shape is the most recognised bulb shape associated with homes.

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