Stylish Things to do in .... Barcelona Posted on 28 Jul 00:00

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! – It’s blend of historic architecture, gothic scenery and sandy beaches falls nothing short of sophistication and creativity. Here are my top 5 most stylish things to do when visiting the heart and soul of this amazing city.


  1. Take a walk through the romantic, hidden square of Sant Felip Neri – It’s an unmissable corner of the Gothic Quarter. Explore the historic area and relax by the fountain whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery and listening to the sounds of the Spanish guitar. A charming little area that can be experienced with the whole family or just a couple’s trip abroad.



  1. Spend a day shopping – There is nothing better than visiting all the designer shops when on holiday! Barcelona has a lot to offer, and a lot of places to shop too. Style comes in the form of fashion and this wonderful city has a lot of style. Not only does it offer all the well known designer stores but it also has its own small fashion boutiques you can find when walking through Borne and Gracia.


  1. Explore a world of history – When going on holiday, I love to get a real understanding of the culture and history of the place I am visiting. One of the best ways to do that is to explore one of the many amazing museums Barcelona has to offer. Learn about the art and architecture that the city was built on. A few places to visit are: Centre de cultura contemporania de Barcelona, Fundacio Sunol and Museu del modernisme de Barcelona.



  1. Dance on the street in one of Barcelona’s festivals – The best way to really capture the heart of Barcelona is to be part of the culture. Spanish people know how to have fun, and for different events they hold street festivals which anyone can be a part of. Offering Great music, dance and authentic Spanish cuisine to satisfy anyone.


  1. A romantic walk on the beach - When visiting a place like Barcelona, there is always so much to do, but that doesn't leave room for relaxation. Sometimes, you need to just spend a day or two laying on the beach and enjoying the lovely weather. Maybe even take a romantic walk by the ocean with that special someone. Barcelona has some of the best beaches in the world, and who doesn't love a good beach holiday once in a while?

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