Summer BBQ Decor Comes to Light with our Top Garden Inspirations Posted on 14 Jun 00:00

Summer is the season for garden parties and BBQ's, but it's not all about the food! More and more people are now investing time in creating the perfect theme and decor for their BBQ's than ever before. No longer all about the burgers and hot dogs, the conversation is focused more on outdoor decorations and lighting trends. Here is my best decor for this summer's BBQ.

When it comes to lighting, the possibilities are endless! Lighting for a garden BBQ offers more space, creativity and flexibility than indoor lighting. Hanging lights around your garden is a great way way to flatter any design or shape of your outdoor space. You can use any shape bulbs (preferably energy saving LED) or any colours to enhance the theme of your BBQ. Hanging lights come in a variety of colours that really add beautifully to the decor or can be used on its own without any other decorations.

Lighting for your garden can also be confusing; do you go for neatly tucked away lights strategically placed within your plants? Or do you go for the over the top colourful lights that can be noticed from down the street? The more subtle the lighting does the same trick, although not as noticeable as the hanging lights, the ground lights are still very much as decorative as any other. However, if you simply want to create boarders around your seating area and shine the spotlight on decking and your lawn, then lanterns and candles are the best option. These lighting ideas are perfect as the BBQ turns from day to evening.

Enjoyng the BBQ late in the evening can get a little chilly, especially if you've been sitting in the garden most of the day. However, unless you're sitting right next to the BBQ and getting some of the warmth from there, why not create some space for a fire pit? It combines both light and heat and creates a warm and cosy feel to the outdoor decor. It works perfectly with the garden lights and creates a lovely glow that works for any garden layout.

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