The Goat Grabs energy savings by its Horns with Bright Goods Posted on 16 Feb 00:00

One of London’s most iconic watering holes – the Goat in Boots pub in Chelsea – reopened two years ago following extensive modernisation as GOAT. This new moniker heralded a massive transformation of a historic and traditional pub into an energetic and edgy hub that comprises a contemporary Italian restaurant, a large DJ bar and a hidden 1920s styled speakeasy, irreverently branded as the Chelsea Prayer Room. However, the venue has recently undergone a second metamorphosis with the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting from the acclaimed Bright Goods range.

Following GOAT’s original restyling, its many nooks, crannies and architectural quirks have provided huge scope for entertaining evenings - from private dining to cocktail master classes. Guests enjoy exotic surroundings where classic tiles, custom-made wallpaper and leather banquettes are key features throughout and the industrial chic of the restaurant is contrasted by the opulent bar and vintage speakeasy. However, the traditional incandescent filament lamps that helped create the overall ambiance proved to be costly to run and maintain.

With an ambitious energy upgrade planned for the building, Steve Manktelow, who masterminded the GOAT concept, was keen to establish whether any of the expense of the upgrade could be offset against future savings. Consequently, Steve discovered Bright Goods LED filament lamps online that he could simply retrofit into existing fixtures. Whilst harbouring a level of reticence towards LED lamps which he feared would produce a cool white light that would be inappropriate for the venue’s stylish interior, he ordered some samples.

Following a ‘real life’ trial, the team at GOAT were pleasantly surprised not only with the vintage look and feel of the Bright Goods LED filament lamps, but also with the warm, familiar glow re-created beautifully in LED.  They selected some of the most popular products from the Bright Goods range of LED filament lamps, including the Elizabeth, Rose, Catherine, Charles, Anne and Jane.  These exquisite lamps have complemented the sympathetic restyling of an old building and updated it with modern charm.  Importantly, whilst re-creating the nostalgic glory of incandescent lighting in LED, the Bright Goods lamps also provide ten times the lifespan and massive energy savings of over 70%.

Steve is delighted with both the appearance and the performance of GOAT’s new lighting.  He says, “The new Bright Goods LED lamps are a brilliant match for the incandescent filament bulbs we had previously. The warm glow of the old lighting has been re-created to create the same retro, vintage feel.  They have the same impact as the old Edison squirrel cages and other shape styles, so swapping them out has been seamless.  Having trawled what is available, these are the first LED lamps I’ve come across that retain the warmth of an incandescent, which was the real deciding factor.”

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Thank you to David Chatfield for the photographs.